Loughborough Uni IT Team

Loughborough University's IT Team at Hope House

Once again, it has been the pleasure and delight to welcome Loughborough University’s IT Team to Hope House.

On 16th June, 10 of the team gathered together to spend a day on the Hope House garden.  It is a large garden and is in regular need of the attention, so we are very grateful for their offer to help maintain it.

The visit was organised by Richard Bebbington, who allocated the jobs that needed doing; these included strimming, weeding and uncovering a path that had disappeared a some time ago.

Hospice Hope provided coffee and biscuits and the team enjoyed a pizza lunch from the nearby Gelsmoor pub.

Jim Vickrage, Charity Manager at Hospice Hope said, “By 3.30pm the team had put in 6 hours of amazing work and the garden looks wonderful – thank you all so much”