Keep Going

Hospice Hope is excited to announce a new project “Keep Going”

“Keep Going” will explore the things which kept us going through a year of the pandemic and several lockdowns.  What did you find out about your community?  Was there someone or something which helped you to get through each day?

What gives you the strength to keep going?

The first part of our project is a creative writing competition, and we’re very excited to have actor/musician and playwright Hazel Monaghan on hand to judge and offer her creative wisdom.

"Many people never find out how strong they are because nothing ever tests them enough to prove it. Of course, nothing could be worth what we have been through, but the pandemic has at least shown that we are all much stronger than we thought. For nearly a year now, everyone has been dealing with grief of one form or another, and keeping going through this in the myriad ways we have been forced to discover has taught us so much about ourselves, our friends, family, neighbours and communities which is worth cherishing. Because what is grief? Grief is love, persevering. So let's honour love's insistence on persisting after loss by persisting ourselves, in whatever form that takes. Writing has been my way of making the most of things, of keeping going - if it's yours too, the Keep Going project is a brilliant opportunity for you to stick it to the virus and take some power back. Young people have had a uniquely awful year, which makes you uniquely strong - so whether you consider yourself a writer or not, we are so excited to hear about what has kept you going."

You have up to 500 words to explore these themes, and your work must include the  phrase “keep going”.  We have an under 14’s and 14s to 18s category.

First prizes are £100, with 2nd prizes of £20 and 3rd prizes of £10 all in Amazon vouchers.

Further terms and conditions can be found here.

Closing date 31 July 2021.

Please send all entries to: