Delyth's Charity Abseil

Hospice Hope volunteer Delyth abseils down the 418ft tall Northampton Lift Tower and raises £450!

On Saturday 5th June, Delyth completed an amazing abseil down the Northampton Lift Tower in support of Hospice Hope.  We would all like to congratulate Delyth on this oustanding acheivment and thank her for raising such a wonderful amount of money.  Here's how Delyth described the abseil in her own words:

I’m not particularly afraid of heights, so some might say this wasn’t a major challenge for me, however, stepping back off the top of this tower was really unnerving. It was an enormous drop, 418ft eeek!

You can see the tower as you approach it off the M1 towards Northampton, it looms into view, when we parked the car and I looked up, I thought, my goodness that’s high.  So, you walk up three flights, sign your life away, put your harness on and then thankfully take a lift to the top.

The instructors, checked and rechecked, went through the procedures and shared jokes and banter, they were fabulous, made me feel really relaxed,.... until I was told to step onto the ledge and lean back, you can’t see my knees shaking on the photos.  I looked straight ahead towards the concrete tower, my feet teetering on the edge, my heart pounding. My smile was frozen on my face for the photos even though it was a fabulously hot , clear and  sunny day. Then I stepped off, my life in their hands, it really was a psychological challenge but once I got going, I felt safe and in control, stopping to admire the scenery, I had to stop to give my arm a rest, the rope you feed through the belay is heavy.

The experience was one I’ll never forget, thank you, everyone, for your sponsorship and your continued support for Hospice Hope we raised £450. So what’s next? Delyth