Poetry Competition

Thursday 1st October

Today is National Poetry Day!   So it’s with great excitement that we are able to announce the winners from the Children’s Poetry Competition for primary school children in North West Leicestershire.   The competition which was themed “I am grateful” or “Gratitude” produced poignant, sometimes funny, and often warm reminders of what is important to us all, during a unique and challenging time in history.    The winner was selected with high praise from judges.

Huge congratulations go to Olly Mottram aged 11, for producing the winning poem.

Sam Girdham, of Century Theatre said of his winning poem “Such rich imagery and textured language and emotion.  A stand-out winner”

The Poem of Gratitude 

The birds singing softly in the waving trees, 

The sky brings out its glorious colour. 

The wind softly speaks the words of nature and wildlife. 

As we see, hear, and feel these wonderful things, 

We simply say a few words of gratitude. 

These words, as they are spoken, 

Whisper through all life as we know it. 

These words, as they travel through the roots of trees, 

And the leaves above those roots too, 

Can mean more than anything. 

Small and compact they might seem, 

But they can mean something more than how they look. 

As looks are not everything, 

These words will sound more powerful than the strongest steel. 

Even only said once… 

Thank you. 


Our second prize spot has gone to Maryam Idrees aged 9, for her wonderfully descriptive poem called “A Wonderful Day Out”, praised by author Susan Browne as a “poem which engages the senses”. 

Third prize goes to Marcy James aged 9, for her poem called “Gratitude”.  Head judge Celia Rees commended the poem for its “rhythm and movement which mirrored the movement through the day”.

Well done to all our entrants for creating such beautiful, thoughtful poetry.  Thanks also to our panel of judges: Celia Rees, Victoria Barton, Susan Browne, Sam Girdham and Rad Gregory – your support has been invaluable.

Liz Waters
Lead in Community Engagement

07591 952027