Lights of Love 2020

Lights of Love 2020

For the past 18 years Hospice Hope have held their Lights of Love memorial event every December at the Ferrers Centre, Staunton Harold. We have come together as a community to remember those loved ones who are no longer with us. At the event, tags are hung on the Christmas tree with special messages of love and remembrance, we join in with carols and prayers and our loved one’s names are read out

This year, we will not be able to be together at the Ferrers Centre, however as our Lights of Love service is so important to us and to so many of our supporters in the local community, we dearly did not want to cancel this event.

Instead, people will be able to access a very special Lights of Love video that will be available from 4pm on 6th December via YouTube.

Hospice Hope are also offering everyone a special Lights of Love tag, so that people can still commemorate their loved ones lives on their own Christmas trees or around their homes.

How to order your tag

How to donate to our Lights of Love 2020 event