Jacqui Gregory

Hello, my name is Jacqui. I lead the counselling service for Hospice Hope. I have a Masters degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, and have worked with clients in a range of settings for several years. I am an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

If you have wondered what can be gained from counselling, perhaps the following will help.  Counselling is about sharing what is troubling you, in a safe and confidential environment, with a professional who is experienced and qualified to listen and respond in a way that helps you to understand yourself and your situation better. This is different from speaking to someone who is a good listener, using counselling skills.

The counselling process does not involve having anything 'done' to you - you are in control of your own agenda. You are unique, as are your needs.  For some, the safety of a professional therapeutic relationship is all that is required to feel able to move forwards. For others, the process may involve learning new approaches to help with behavioural change.

During these exceptional times, meetings normally held face-to-face at Hope House are scheduled via video or telephone call. It has been encouraging to see how we have been able to continue our counselling sessions without difficulty and to good effect - all you have to do is think about the best way for you to work.

If you decide to give counselling a try, you will normally be contacted by telephone in the first instance, and we introduce ourselves for an initial conversation. You will be able to talk about your reasons for approaching the counselling service, and perhaps what you are hoping to get out of it. I will tell you if we can help, and we agree on an area of focus. We will discuss how it works, and the best way to hold our sessions. We contract for six sessions in the first instance, normally held once a week.

I look forward to hearing how I may help you, and to times where we might even meet face-to-face.


To find out more about our counselling service or to book an appointment please contact:

Linda Mould linda@hospicehope.org.uk 
or call 07516 505 421.