Guest days

Monday and Thursdays at Hope House: Guest days

Hope House offers a warm, friendly and comfortable welcome to 8 local people each day, all of whom have a life limiting condition.

The day starts at 10.30am when everyone arrives to be welcomed by the Hope House team.

Each day there will be a programme of activities that guests can take part in, if they wish.

A hot two course lunch will be served each day, and all the guests, staff and volunteers are encouraged to sit down together and enjoy the freshly cooked food from our kitchen at Hope House.

There are two designated quieter rooms at Hope House, where guests can either choose to relax on their own or with the company of one or two others.  These rooms will be also be used for confidential meetings, if you have a particular problem you wish to talk over.

Complementary therapies will be offered to each guest on a regular basis, and our therapist Glen will discuss this with you in advance.

The day finishes at around 3pm and guests depart from Hope House.