Carers Plus Day

Carers Plus

Carers Plus is a new service at Hospice Hope, which is aimed specifically at carers, along with the person in their care.

Taking place every Tuesday at Hope House, Griffydam from 1st October 2019, this service is aimed at welcoming new people to our charity.  Previously guests requiring assistance with medication, personal care or feeding have been unable to access our services at Hope House, but our Carers Plus service is designed with both of you in mind.

Carers Plus is for you both to spend a few hours with us on a Tuesday (from 11am to 2pm) at Hope House and the project runs on a 12-week basis.

During your time with us a variety of activities and speakers will be organised, which we feel will be interesting and beneficial to you both, or feel free to just chat to one of our volunteers or another carer or guest.  A complementary therapy will also be offered to the carer and a hot two course lunch will be served.

There is no charge for accessing this service and numbers are limited to 8 on any one day (4 carers and 4 guests).

Further details about this new service can be found by ringing our Care Services Manager, Carol, on 01530 222 079 or send her an email to

Please note:

The carer must be at least 18 years old and be the main carer for the guest when they are at home.

The carer must continue to assist the guest with his/her medication, personal care or feeding whilst at Hope House, the staff and volunteers are unable to do this for you.

Carers with their own transport will be able to drive to and park at Hope House, but if the carer does not have transport then we can arrange for a volunteer driver to bring you both to Hope House and take you both home again at the end of the session.

Complementary therapy will be offered for the carer only. This would support the carer in having some relaxation time knowing that the guest is safe and secure with staff and volunteers while being in the same building.

Hope House has disabled access, wheelchair users may wish to visit in their wheelchairs to ensure that all the rooms and services are fully accessible.